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This blog explains how external procurement happens from R/3 to SRM and related configurations .


In R/3, Profiles which are defined in view maintenance V-T160PR specify the

Enterprise Buyer system as the target system to which the external-procurement requirement requests are transferred. Combinations of product category and purchasing group are maintained to identify which purchase requisition will belong to which profile.



Requirements that are to be procured externally i.e in SRM are identified using Purchasing group and material group in R/3.The combinations of purchasing group and material group are maintained in the maintenance view V_T160EX.



The profile name mentioned in V-T160PR defines target system for Purchasing group and material group combination.


When a purchase requisition is saved or changed  and it has  combination of purchase group and material group as maintained in table T160EX then standard process writes an entry in ECC table EPRTRANS. This entry determines which PRs are to be transferred to SRM.


The EPRTRANS table entry however depends on the EBAN field EPPROFILE. Depending on the combination entry in table T160EX this field is populated as 01 and further program writes the entry in EPRTRANS table.


We can schedule job BBP_EXTREQ_TRANSFER to transfer requirements from the backend system to SRM.


We can determine which profile needs to be used for Purchase requisition by using the customer exit BBPK0001.