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"The world is becoming a faster changing and more turbulent place for organizations and the necessity to adapt has never been greater."  - Jacob Morgan

In this contemporary business world, it is extremely important to be agile. When an employee is agile, he can quickly adapt to changing circumstances and he is ready for anything. And to achieve this, it is important to adopt right mindset and behavior.

Hence agility is nothing but our willingness to change, our ability to change and the quickness that is exhibited as we adapt to change.

Let us discuss the importance of being agile at the workplace.

1- Makes you ready for the Change: Being agile helps an employee to have very less limitations. And as a result of this, he can speedily facilitate change. He can adapt and respond to change quickly which will remove any undue stress without resisting the change.

2- Allows you to be flexible: There are many benefits of being agile and flexibility is one of them. It enables an employee to work smarter and faster while trying new ideas and approaches. As an employee recognizes and embraces flexibility, it makes him to adapt to difficult situations more easily. Hence it makes an employee more flexible.

3- Helps to adapt a vision: Another benefit of being agile is that it helps to adapt a vision which is very important for planning the Future. It helps us to anticipate changes in the environment and create a strategy that gives direction to the future, by taking concrete actions.

4- Reduces Stress And Increases Productivity: It contributes to improvements in individual and company's effectiveness. Employees become more motivated, engaged and perform at an optimum level when they are provided with efficient, effective and energized environment. This in turn reduces the stress.

5- Increases Creativity and Autonomy: Being agile helps in performing highly related or interdependent tasks as employee is given significant authority and responsibility for many aspects of his work. And this leads to greater creativity and higher productivity.


So now that we know the importance of being agile, let us make a change to our processes and methods to adopt and move at a challenging speed. Even though it is difficult to change the way we work, both management and the employees can contribute by reorienting themselves and changing work practices. This change takes time and efforts and it must be incorporated to be able to succeed in modern business world.