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Jim's blogs on SAP TechEd 2009 Berlin   

Clue Train










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Business card collection for Wednesday

  • andre.fischer/blog, SAP (Security/MS interop)
  • Amir Blich, SAP
  • lucas.osse/blog, E2E community
  • Terrie Stickel, SAP (at Steve Winwood concert)
  • paul.centen/blog (SAP)
  • Joseph Zeinoun
  • Axel Angeli


  • Walter Lang, IBM
  • Matthias Kochl, IBM
  • Twan van den Broek (Demo Jammer)
  • Francis Cepero Tchernev (random find on floor)


SOA243 Using Enterprise Architecture to Adopt SAP SOA Solutions

Natty Gur

  • In room L12 for my first Wednesday session at #sapteched08 SOA243: "Using Enterprise Architecture to Adopt SAP SOA Solutions"; ICC is quiet.   2:27 AM yesterday from web
  • Natty Gur dao2com brought an example from Singapore - physical process map 4 feet by 4 feet to demonstrate enterprise architecture project.   2:47 AM yesterday from web


Andre Fischer

  • Met Andre Fischer of SAP - Strategic Alliance with Microsoft, presenting on SSO for Netweaver/X.509 cert active enroll in ActiveDir. Whew.   3:40 AM
  • X.509 and SAP logon tickets support the most SAP access methods, but SAP tickets predate standards. AD certs no per-cert or per-user fees(?)   4:02 AM yesterday from web  
  • solution to prior X.509 auto enrollment methods (smart cards, roaming profiles) is "Credential Roaming"
  • the famous Alice from the security key world is on the screen in a discussion about NW ABAP and Windows Active Directory handshaking.
  • SAP migrating from internal PKI to MS certificate services - 30K global users. Seems like lower risk for us after they get it working.
  • good news is the session ended early. bad news is SAP does not support certificate revocation lists so another hook needed.


IM300 Integration Scenarios for SAP NetWeaver BI and Business Objects Data Services


  • SAP NetWeaver BU 7.0.1 - 7.0 with one enhancement pack. "interesting" new features per Ryan Champlin at #sapteched08
  • LSA - Layered scalable architecture design process. (wake up jim)
  • RDA daemon - pull data from ERP system once per minute. not sure how much overhead this has. check out later?
  • demo totally indecipherable even with correct eyeglass prescription near the back of the room. ZOOM PLEASE!
  • now looking at business object data services. about 20 in the audience know about this product/service/feature/
  • data quality agents include address scrubbing. I think we're using a different product. Hmm.


Meet the press


  • finished an interview with @marilynpratt linda bartolus james governor and @TomRaftery about environmental impacts of events   about 23 hours ago from Twobile 

( will post link once video is online )

( their interview with Craig Cmehil )

Meet the Mentors et al


  • met Joseph Zeinoun at the lounge chat with Paul Centen @dahowlett and Frauke H. Now heading to several 2:30 PM sessions #sapteched08 EMEA.



LCM203 Managing Efficient Upgrades

  • there's a new SAP upgrade GUI W00T!
  • Dual stack upgrade new features - 2 UIs, one for ABAP, one for Java. procedure is synched at 3 points. ABAP is the controller. Figures.
  • For SAP NW PI 7.1, there is a synchronized upgrade controller and one UI.   about 23 hours ago from web  
  • Slides on screen aren't online - these are from a session yesterday. The magic pixie dust so we won't have to test patches. Stable core.


LCM270 Get Your Hands On Adaptive Computing Controller


  • moved over to audit a hands-on session on the SAP Adaptive Computing Controller. Attendees have been given login/password.


LCM300 Enterprise Virtualization Map – Your Guide Through the Virtualization Jungle

Roland Wartenberg

  • gotten to l13 and vendor is talking about their upgrade virtualiization services. Not that hot for a DIY company. short stay probable.
  • emc talking about system monitoring tools. discovery may be possible but I don't know about the utility.
  • roland wartenberg talking about sun hardware with xVM virtual box - one audience member using it already.
  • [enterprise virtualization community]
  • showing slides from irene hopf of IBM germany who is not here
  • Citrix talking about XenServer et al.


Triple W00t - I met Steve Winwood backstage!!!

and @SoniaT from SAP


I chatted with IBM about app servers (large, medium, small).  Always new models coming out around the corner.



  • In hands-on session LCM274 IT Performance Reporting, after a good 30 min chat with Matthias Kochl (IBM) on virtualization and provisioning.


LCM213 Minimizing Downtime for Software Maintenance

Roland Hamm


Transcription from Dennis Howlett's one-word take-away meme blog



  1. crowded
  2. interesting
  3. thinks
  4. rocks
  5. underwhelmed
  6. collaborative
  7. tiring
  8. slam
  9. stressful
  10. kneesup
  11. serendipitous
  12. speechless
  13. social
  14. ego-centric
  15. degree?
  16. inspiring
  17. between reality and excitement
  18. exhausting
  19. beer
  20. abap
  21. engagement 

Er, I only got 21; thought there were 22.  Well, perhaps not.

Mosh Pit At Steve Winwood concert



Oliver Kohl asking his handheld for more

A parting shot - Marilyn musing Twan van den Broek to write a blog on the Demo Jam demo.



Last conference good-byes and team photos

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