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Does SAP provide a way to upload the EE0-4 report to a flat file. There are special reporting procedures to upload this form:

"Submission of the EEO4 report as a computer printout, or on Datauploads is a Special Reporting Procedure (SRP) as provided for in Section 709(c) of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended. Under those provisions, each government must receive written permission from the Commission before any SRP option may be used. The standard instrument state and local governments must use to file EEO4 reports is EEOC Form 164, State and Local Government

Information (EEO4). EEOC Form 164 is for all jurisdictions except those located in the State of Hawaii. In order to assist state and local governments in regard to required reporting, EEOC has designed these standardized specifications for computerassisted EEO4 reporting. By following these specifications, governments may file EEO4 reports as computer printouts or Data-Uploads. Data bases already in place may be used to automatically generate EEO4 reports, once the cycle has been completed to acquire written EEOC approval. reports, once the cycle has been completed to acquire written EEOC approval."

There are also certain requirements on the load to make sure the fields are the correct length etc. Does Standard SAP provide a way to do this?

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