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Or in this case, not so much a ‘plan’.  Let me explain...  We started the Doctors Without Borders Fundraiser in late December, and in the comments of this blog craig.cmehil reminded me that he was going to do his Friday Morning Report Doctors Without Borders Marathon.  Craig’s marathons in the past have had great guest speakers, and you could always tune in for some interesting conversations – whether on Work/Life Balance, or the latest geek technologies. 

This year, I expect it to be just as good.  But I felt uncomfortable that one fundraiser might be ‘stealing’ the donors from another. And then Craig gave me a call – he is going to direct his FMR marathon donors right into the  fundraiser. It’s all set up, and this allows Craig to focus on the technology, getting the speakers, etc.  All of which is a significant effort, given his travel schedule.

So in May, stay tuned for updates about the FMR Marathon.  All the proceeds can be directed into the SAP Community fundraiser, which in turn, directs them to Doctors Without Borders. 

This fundraiser continues to be a true community effort, and I am grateful to Craig for his continued efforts in support of this great cause.

By the way, if you don't know who I am quoting above ('I love it when a plan comes together!') it is the 1983 TV Series 'The A-Team'. 

Thanks for reading!  See you in May, if not before!