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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

I am sure this is the first time you would have heard the term" Dissecting the Lines". I would like to term this it differently from the more frequently used term such as "Thinking out of Box". In today's highly networked work, it is no guess that how much you do a new thing differently, others might have done it as well.

This article focuses on some of the areas, which I feel could help make a successful consultant by doing things differently:

1. Be on the lookout and take on result oriented tasks. The work break down elements should be such that it reflects a positive measurable outcome in a tangible manner. At the end of a job, results are what matters and the client is always looking at the utcome.

2. Focus on things which cannot be automated. Identify the process improvements. Study and analyze the best in class practices deployed. This is what would build your competitive advantage in this jungle.

3. Work as a team. Individualistic work has now become a "fossil" in itself. In this networked and connected society, nothing is independent and no one can work standalone. Initially a process may be able to perform alone, but with adaption and maturity, dependencies would creep in. It is absolutely critical that consultants should be able to work in a global team and contribute to an end objective.

4. Think like a forensic auditor, when a process is being designed and developed. This would enable you to validate your solution. Keep a record of things you performed during the project and rationale behind them. Learn and document all connecting cogs.

5. Don't always load the Client with heaps of information. This creates confusion. Be aware to share only that information, which you feel would be useful to the client and make business sense.

6. Do your job. Give your suggestions, but be open to suggestion and implement the best mix. Remember, you are looked on as an expert with experience across domain and industries and this is what you are paid for.

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