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As we know the only end-user interface in BO is BI launch pad and formerly we were called it as a infoview but if the user raise a question

Why I have to see the all reports in BO launch pad?

Is it not possible to see all my reports in my corporate website or some other web locations?

Suppose take an example

HR team don't want to open BI launch pad all the time for checking their reports and they wish to see their reports only from their HR Web portal.

In the same manner all the departments.

Is it possible????? :???:

Yes we have a answer...

The end-user can see his reports from any of his corporate website / other web portal and don't need to open the BI Launch pad all the time.

the solution is integrating the BO system into respective web locations via using hyper links.

as we know the working of hyper links in our BO landscape and we have used it wide range during the reports development time/solution time. each report generates its own SID when we exported into BI launch Pad/repository. and using that SID and its hyperlink location we are going to form HTTP URL and the URL link we are going to embed in the respective website location by using HTML components.

HTML scripts enable us to show our dashboards as a video files. so that we can embed our dashboards into respective website as like a video files.

the above solution helps to user to access his reports via web from any geographic location.

for example if we check the below article then we can idea and it also applicable for rest of web portals.

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