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SAP University alliances works hard to bring valuable tools and practices, that would help academicians and students. There has been no methodology that has created more buzz recently than "Design Thinking". In fact, DT is not a methodology, but a way to look at things, a way that increases the pace of innovation. SAP UA has been actively promoting Design Thinking workshops to help students and faculties alike. In fact, we have had request for more DT workshops, from those who have underwent the DT workshops previously ! 

Today, its very important to combine empathy, creativity & rationality while analyzing problems. Design thinking (DT) is Bringing together a good approach, with the right people, in the right environment. DT involves an iterative process between interdisciplinary teams. This results in problem solving and new idea generation all the while improving the soft skill set.  

After the success of the DT workshop at SAP Labs, Bangalore there has been a great demand for Design thinking workshops from SAP UA India. Hence SAP University Alliances conducted a  two day workshop (25-26 July, 2013) on Design thinking at PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore. Mr. Mukesh Gupta, Customer Advocate, SAP India Pvt Ltd was the trainer for this two day workshop. This was in fact, the first Design thinking workshop that was conducted in this area. There was participation of around 24 faculties across institutes for the workshop. The participants were carefully chosen to be from different institutes, and background to allow diversity in the thought process.

There is no doubt that these workshops will be just a starting point for many more such successful workshops to be conducted by SAP UA, India.