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How do you find a "Maple Leaf in a Hay-Stack....?"

There are 17,000+ people at #SAPPHIRENOW and #ASUG2013 - but only 500-600 Canadians. We want them all to get more involved in the Six (6) local Canadian ASUG Chapters and #MadeInCanada events - but you need to help us FIND them by playing #CanuckHunt...!

Rules are HERE - and Day 1 & 2 results are below (HUGE thanks to Gino Terrigno...)

Remember : Great Canadian prizes for the Top 5 players by 11:59 PM on Thursday, May 16th (*includes shipping)

Day 1 & 2 - Scoreboard

(11:59 PM - Wednesday)

**Click JPEG to go to the Interactive SWF Dashboard**

@KirstenSutton from @SAPVancouver has the Strong lead (HINT : thanks to a bunch of GROUP shots) - but with ONE (1) day left to play it is still anybody's game to Win...!

There should be good hunting at the on the show-floor today ...and at any of the sessions in the Day  3 "Canada Track" calendars which you can find  HERE....or at the Closing Concert tonight.

Have fun and happy hunting...!