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Introduction: There is no standard workflow for release of service entry sheet. Given below is a custom workflow for releasing service entry sheet.

Scenario:  Workflow has 3 levels of release. Agents for all three levels of release are known. CREATED event of BUS2091 is used as triggering event of workflow. . After all agents have released, release status of service entry sheet is set to XXX.

Step 1: Go to SWDD (Workflow Builder) Tcode and click on create icon as below. This will create a new workflow.

Step 2: Create workflow container element BUS2091 by double clicking ''Double click to create'' in workflow container as below. Enable Import, Export checkboxes from Properties tab.

Step 3: Create workflow container element AGENT1 and assign an initial value to it. AGENT1 will be the first level approver.



 Step 4: Similar to AGENT1 create two more workflow container elements AGENT2, AGENT3 and assign second level, third level approver's Agent ID as initial value.

Step 5: Click on basic data icon as below.

 Step 5: Enter your own abbreviation and description for workflow. For eg. refer below.

Step 6: In start events tab enter category as BO, Object type as BUS2091. From F4 help select CREATED as Event of the object.

Step 7: Click on the Binding Icon and do the binding as below. Then activate the event by clicking active icon. Both binding and active icon should be in green colour.

Step 8: Insert an activity step in workflow. Create a new task and enter inputs in basic data tab. You can specify your own Abbreviation, Name and workitem text. For eg. refer below.

Step 9: Do the workflow to task binding as below.

Step 10: Assign AGENT1 as agent for activity and make the task as general. Both Agent assignment and Task complete icons should be green in colour as below.

Step 11: Go to Conditions tab of activity step and select Complete Execution tab from it as below. 


Step 12: Right click in ''Click here to create a new condition''. Select Personal settings. Choose the radio button Direct text entry(traditional mode) as below.

Step 13: Now click ''Click here to create a new condition''. In the condition editor screen click F4 help for Expresssion1. Expand GetDetail and select expression REL_STATUS.  Enter operator as = (Equal to) sign from F4 help.  Enter Expression2 as X as below.

Step 14: Similarly insert an activity step for second and thirdlevel approver. Assign container element AGENT2, AGENT3 as agents for the activity steps.

Step 15: In second level approver activity step assign XX for Expression2 in Condition editor and assign XXX in Condition editor for third level approver activity step as below.

Step 16: Save, check and activate the workflow. Workflow overview appears as below.

Step 17: Go to SWE2 Tcode and create an entry for enabling event linkage as below.

Step 18: Go to ML81N Tcode and create a service entry sheet and press save button. This will trigger our custom workflow. First level approver will receive a workitem in (SBWP Tcode) Business workplace inbox. He has to release the service entry sheet and click save button. Release status will be set to X and second level approver will receive the workitem. Release status will set to XX and XXX after second and third level releases. 

Thus a custom workflow for releasing service entry sheet is created successfully.