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When reading the blogs, I often see people post the version number for their instance of Crystal Reports. Unfortunately, it's impossible to know if their version is current with the latest service pack or not. I downloaded and installed the service packs and hot fixes of every version of Crystal Reports and documented the version numbers for each one. This chart makes it easy to see what is installed on your computer (or your user's). You can also use it to see if the server has the same version as your development box.


(it's times like this that makes VMWare worth every penny) 


To find the Crystal Reports version, click Help > About. 


Crystal Reports 2008
Service Pack
Fix Pack
Fix Pack
Service Pack
Fix Pack
Fix Pack
Crystal Reports XI(Release 1)
SP 311.0.0.2269
SP 411.0.0.2495
Crystal Reports XI(Release 2)
SP 311.5.9.1076
SP 411.5.10.1263
SP 511.5.11.1470


Bookmark this page to make it easier to troubleshoot future versioning problems!