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Creating local workflows is possible from release 6.40 of the Web Application Server. I want to show here the steps to do so.

When you want to create a local workflow in your workflow you first create a local event. This is done in the header data of the workflow on the tab Version dependent, here you will find the tab Local events.


Creating it is just typing in a name. There is also the option to create an event container.

This event will be used to start the local workflow.
The event triggering can be inserted through the steptype 'event creator' which can be inserted at one or more desired places in the workflow. It is possible to start the local workflow from different places in the workflow.

In the step you select the option of starting a local event and the event can be selected.

The binding from the workflow to the event container can be maintained.After this the step for creating the local workflow can be inserted.

You can name the local workflow, and define the local event will start the local workflow. The binding can be maintained between the event and the local workflow. The container of the local workflow will contain all the elements from the main workflow. Extra elements can be added if necessary.

In the workflow builder the result will be this:

Tasks can be defined in the local workflow.



The normal workflow will continue with the next step in the process. So next to the task 'User decision in local workflow' the task 'User decision 2' will be issued. When the main workflow ends any open tasks in the local workflow will be set to logically deleted. So if there are any mandatory tasks in the local workflow you should make sure they are processed before ending the main workflow.