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The age of complete digitalization is upon us. In many industries, the bulk of the workload is done on computers and most of the ‘tools’ we use are software and computer programs. Admittedly, this is making a lot of business processes and tasks easier. Even some general segments of the work environment are made more effortless, including communication, collaboration, client relations, information storage, etc. But maybe the most fundamental change has been the transformation into the data-centered business society.


Everything is data nowadays - processes and paths, client information, program and service instructions and more. So it’s essential to protect this data from the threats that also emerged from the widespread use of digital technology.


Data security is an important issue and as such, you need to have more than one means of protecting it. In this article, we’ll discuss how you can use one of the popular business optimization tools known as PC monitoring software to act as a supporting layer of security to help with data protection.


Types of Digital Information Threats


The danger to data security can come from many different directions and in many different forms. We’ll focus on breaches and leaks, since they’re one of the most common threats and they have the potential to inflict the most damage to the company and its clients.


There are terms such as external and internal breaches, which signify where the threat comes from. But it’s also important to recognize that both of these types of security threats can be intentional, but also accidental. Accidental leaks are almost exclusively internal and they mostly result from poor employee training or lack of access control.


Now, having your tracking software monitoring software activities can be a big help in detecting suspicious behavior, especially if it includes a net monitor for employees. But it’s important to realize that this system can never act as the only security method, as it can’t stop breaches, especially external ones.


However, there are a number of ways in which knowing how to monitor another computer can serve as an additional threat detection layer supporting your efforts.


The Value of Employee Tracking Software


As mentioned, employee monitoring software definition doesn’t include stopping data breaches, it only serves to detect suspicious behavior and aid investigation.


But there is one way in which it can help prevent intentional insider information leaks - it can serve as a deterrent. In other words, if your employees know that their activities will be monitored, they will be more reluctant to do anything illegal or harmful to the company on purpose. PC monitoring software still won’t stop the breach from happening, but it might discourage at least some attempts.


Another value of having the software is the fact that it’s an invaluable tool for conducting an investigation after the fact, especially if the leak came from the inside. It provides you with historical data on every computer activity of every employee, so you’ll have a much easier time determining where the breach came from. The same goes for both accidental and intentional leaks. In case of the latter, the data and reports from the tracking software can help in the legal proceedings but the successful discovery of the source of the breach can also serve as a testament to the fact that any potential perpetrator will be uncovered.


And finally, we’ve mentioned that a lot of leaks happen without any ill intention but simply because employees don’t know how to handle sensitive data. Having this in mind, the fact that PC monitoring software can detect which activities have led to unintentional data security breaches in the past can serve as a basis for employee security training and instruction. This way, you run a much lower risk of another employee repeating the same mistake.




Data security is one of the most pressing concerns for many companies today and threats are getting more advanced and more numerous. This is precisely why you should aim to have a vast array of different security solutions and tools that can help you protect your business and client information. And although PC monitoring software isn’t one of those that can eliminate the threats, its ability to detect suspicious employee behavior can help in investigating and even discouraging leaks. For this, it’s well worth having it as a part of your digital tool supply.