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A manager's job is a multi-tasked one. As a manger you have to organise, monitor, motivate and support your staff.

However, one of the most important roles of a manager is to delegate. Delegation is an essential skill if a manager is to be successful and wants to advance. Successful delegation shows that you are willing and have the ability to take on greater and more important tasks. However, like any skill delegation needs to be worked at.

If you want to be delegate successfully follow these 7 rules below:

1. Effective and clear communication is essential for being able to delegate effectively. When delegating work to an employee be specific as possible. For example, tell them exactly what needs to done, how you want it and when you want it by. Ensure the person understands what you have said and ask them if they have any queries.

2. When delegating a task to a team member it is important that to advise them why it needs to done and how it will affect things. If there are any possible implications that may arise out doing this work then, then you need to know about this as well.

3.It is important when delegating a task that you communicate clearly the standards and quality that is required to complete the task. Obviously these standards need to be realistic and achievable based on the skill and experience of the team member.

4.It is important to trust your team and give them a level of autonomy to take responsibility for the task. This also means that you should give them a level of authority to get the job done without creating any obstacles.

5. There may be certain tasks that cannot be successfully completed within the current resources available. Therefore, you need to identify and provide the support needed to ensure the employee can get the job done. This support could be more training, increased budget or greater access to you.

6.When you have spoken to your team member about the task make sure they understand what is expected of them and that you have their commitment to do the task.

7.It is important that you give them as much free reign as possible to have the task completed however, this does not mean that you disappear. Make it clear that they can have access to you if they have any questions, or advice to overcome an obstacle. Providing support is important even if it is just an email.