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It's that time again - while the SAP Mentor nominations can be made year-round, the current deadline for this round is March 1st.  On behalf of the SAP Mentor Advisory Board, I invite you to nominate a SAP Mentor.

Who are SAP Mentors?

SAP Mentors are exceptional independent community members who share their passion, expertise, and knowledge of SAP products with others. SAP Mentors help bring the voice of community to SAP.  They make a positive impact to the SAP community.

Nomination Process

Anyone who is making significant contributions to the SAP Community can be nominated.

The plan is to announce the new mentors prior to SAPPHIRE NOW in May in Orlando.


Mentor Attributes

Potential Mentors share the following attributes:

  • Lead by example

  • Are humble

  • Passionate about SAP

  • Offer constructive criticism

  • No culture of entitlement

  • Inclusive

  • Share their knowledge

For more details see the SAP Mentor Magic Foundation


How are SAP Mentors Chosen?

Last year we had an online webcast about How SAP Mentors are chosen.  I encourage you to review that before submitting your nomination.  Also see Jason's last nomination blog here.


Speaking for myself, I highly recommend that you include links to blogs written and links to how your nominee has shared your knowledge with the SAP Community when you complete the survey.


Could your picture be here, being introduced as a new SAP Mentor?

Source: Jason Cao


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