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last weekend the latest UI5 conference (UI5Con) took place in Eindhoven, best organized by the sitNL-Team.
As a Basis-Administrator and a technical architect I was thinking a long time, if I should really join such an event. At least, I couldn't program anything in SAPUI5. Not quite correct, a "Hello World" program is possible, thanks to the open SAP course "Developing WebApps with SAPUI5".
But when checking the agenda, there were no Hands-On, but a lot of topics that could be intersting for me. So I decided to set me on the waiting list and luckily was accepted in the end.

This time I pass on any pictures and twitter feeds, you can take a look here, also check later the presentations when they will set online.

I will wrap up the sessions with my POV regarding technical aspects.

  • First session of the day was by margot.wollny presenting the Roadmap of SAPUi5. It looks very interesting, a lot of points are on the lists, Problem from the technical view are a lot of new releases in one year. Companies therefore need their own release strategy for software provisioning and maintenance.

  • Next topic was an intro in functional programming by dj.adams. Interesting to see that you only need your browser do do code snipping tests, it's really awesome to see him coding and presenting.

  • jan.penninkhof2 & Ted Castelijns presented a customer story of building an offline app. Interesting part was the architecture for these offline apps by building a separate database on which mobile applications will work. Replication to & from the original databases for CRM/ERP etc. also neccessary and that was solved by own programs.
    Seems that this is a scenario often use, as we are facing similar thoughts for using application data for access from outside.
    Maybe you will share your approach in the comments.
    More problems are on authentification regarding SAML and offline usage.

  • r.eijpe gave an inside into the importance of the Design and Discover process of development, not only for new apps. He presented his 10 Golden rules for Design and Build Fiiori Apps

  • marcel.smits presented 3 fictive customer examples and showed different ways/steps and also decisions on a possible way to S4HANA. Pro and Cons were shown.
    Major important fact was that Frontend Server (FES) for S4HANA has to run also on an SAP database (MaxDB, Sybase, HANA). Reason behind that seems to be more supporting requierements than legal obligations. There was a tweet discussion about that.

  • Next was karol.kalisz with writing code that is better for testing. This is an requirement for repeatable testing without any major effort.
    I think that this is also relevant for technical implementation, you need also here test scenarios and they should be repeatable.

  • Final session was by Vladimir Hilderink of upcoming features in ECMA Script. He gave an overview of popular browser and supported features.

Here is also a link to twan.vandenbroek video of his review.

For me it was really a great event and I can only recommend to join, even for Technical guys like me. It's one of the best chances to see beyond one's own nose, to get close to news and infos and, the most important, community rocks.

Thanks again to all organiser, UI5Con & also sitNL, and to all Sponsors. Both were great events.

In summary, UI5Con was AWESOME..