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I'd like to take a moment to celebrate two achievements this week - the tremendous 5.0 launch of SAP Carbon Impact - business software to manage your facility energy, or business carbon and lifecycle assessments, and an exciting update to SAP StreamWork - software for you to get work done faster, in a more natural way.

The Carbon Impact release is detailed in a Press Release - but here is the nut: companies need to run better.   Its tough out there.  Part of that is managing energy, managing carbon  (as an important indicator of waste, among other things), empowering  your employees to manage themselves sustainably (through green rewards),  etc.  And we help you with that in an easy-on-the-eyes,  highly-consumable modern application, and it will keep getting better.
StreamWork has been helping people make better, faster team decisions since March,  but we continue to rapidly innovate on it, based largely on your  in-product feedback.  Log in to see some of the updates in Friday's  release, such as feeds and in-product IM.  But here is the nut: you need to run better.   Its tough out there.  Work has gotten harder, we want to make it  easier, we want you to flow.  Know that there is more coming -- and  there will always be.  That is the beauty of continuous improvement that  we manage for you, without a sputter, in the cloud.  But for us to cater to your needs we need your feedback, so come on in and give it to us.

Oh, and by the way: software at work is getting a bit more fun, don't you think?