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What made you choose digital marketing?

My first attempt at marketing anything on a large scale was when I started my first online prfessional software business. I didn’t know much about marketing, but I was committed to learn everything I could. For the most part I was self-taught and would spend hours watching videos online about marketing. Then I soon realized I had slowly developed a valuable skill set that could help other business owners get more leads and sales even with a little budget. That was when I decided to start a digital marketing agency.

What innovation are you are bringing to the industry?

I am changing the way businesses do marketing. The old ways of marketing are slowly petering out. Print ads, TV commercials, and radio ads are simply not as effective anymore. I believe social media and influencer marketing is the new wave of effective and result based marketing.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced in your journey as an entrepreneur?

With my first website, I had a problem with my payment processing company. I was processing so many orders a day that they had to shut down my account as they thought the volume of conversion was fraudulent. Finding a new payment processing company that would allow me handle large volumes of financial transaction took me a long time.

How did you overcome that challenge?

Sensing that I could lose a great chunk of money and business if I delayed for too long, I stayed up an entire night (after the shutdown) sending applications to payment processing companies in hopes I could get a new account the next day. It worked!

What is your advice for upcoming entrepreneurs?

Hustle! Being an entrepreneur is extremely difficult. You are the captain of your own ship. Nobody wants to hear how you failed unless you succeed at the end. Understand that nothing is going to happen overnight. But if you hustle and never cheat the grind eventually you will get there. These are some of the secrets I teach entrepreneurs looking to master e-commerce.

What advice do you have for millenials reading this?

Understand that it is not going to be easy. Anything that is worth accomplishing is going to be difficult because if it wasn’t it wouldn’t be worth accomplishing. It’s going to take guts, but if you remain consistent and determined with your purpose, there is nothing you can’t accomplish. As I always emphasize, hustle!
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