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Organizations perform operating system and/or database migrations for a variety of reasons and with varying degrees of success. Each organization has its own goals for a migration, and those goals help them navigate the many choices available.

Often, the work you put in prior to beginning the migration is just as important as the work you do during the migration. It’s important to present a strong business case and get executive support right from the start. You’ll also want a strong internal team with the authority to make decisions for their respective business areas. Selecting the right migration partner is often a make or break choice. In addition, you need to let go of preconceived ideas and prejudices. Finally, you should provide training on new technologies, and make that training available on demand.

If you focus on a few key areas, you can help ensure your migration success.

Speaker:Jan Maarten Beyen, Director of Consulting at REALTECH

Time: June 3, 12pm-12.30pm

Where: SUSE Booth (#1108)

SUSE Booth at SAP Sapphire 2014