SAP TechEd 2020: Channel 1

Highlights from Channel 1 at SAP TechEd. Watch the keynotes, strategy talks, expert sessions, and community talks.

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Keynote: How SAP Business Technology Platform Empowers DevelopersSAP’s Chief Technology Officer and Executive Board Member Juergen Mueller recaps an extraordinary year and its effects on technology’s role in the business world. Together with his guests, he explores hands-on stories and the latest news on SAP technology. He opens the development toolbox of SAP Business Technology Platform to showcase the diverse tooling for all users, from citizen developers to cloud-native developers, that enables them to thrive and make their organizations successful.Watch video
Industry Voices: Expert TalksFollowing the keynote “How SAP Business Technology Platform Empowers Developers” hosted by SAP’s Chief Technology Officer Juergen Mueller, we hand over the program to our valued industry experts. Watch their live reaction to the keynote and listen directly to external voices in this “Expert Talks” session.Watch video
Keynote: Meeting Today's Challenges and Tomorrow's Opportunities with SAP TechnologySAP’s Chief Technology Officer and Executive Board Member Juergen Mueller takes a broader view on the future role of technology and its impact on industries and their core business processes. Together with his guests, he explores how SAP technology enables integration, deep business insight, and new innovations around your portfolio and beyond. Tune in to learn more about the interplay of technology and applications in the intelligent enterprise.Watch video
Developer Keynote: All Developers WelcomeIn this special presentation by developers, for developers, you can join the final sprint review meeting of a fictional company. During this review, three developers of very different backgrounds walk through their code, configuration, and deployment to SAP Cloud Platform of an SAP S/4HANA extension for their company. See how developers of various skill sets and experiences can all come together to be part of the SAP ecosystem. Watch video
Developer NewsLearn how SAP is addressing the developer community, discover what’s already available for developers for learning and upskilling, and get a sneak preview of what’s next on the road map for developers with Ian Thain, SAP UK Limited, and Thomas Grassl, SAP SE.Watch video
Learning Is Leverage: Upskilling for Success in Digital Transformation Discover why learning is key to a successful transformation to the intelligent enterprise with SAP's Chief Learning Officer Max Wessel. Hear how SAP is offering comprehensive developer enablement to unlock capabilities across the SAP software portfolio. Learn how to keep pace with technological advances, innovate faster, and accelerate productivity and performance with the SAP Learning organization.Watch video
Realizing the Data SuperpowerJoin Irfan Khan, President SAP Platform & Technologies, to get the latest insights on the database and data management and analytics areas of the Business Technology Platform portfolio, including the SAP Data Intelligence, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, and SAP Analytics Cloud solutions, as well as the SAP HANA Cloud data platform. Learn how customers are using the solutions to realize the data value formula and harness the superpower of their data.Watch video
Injecting Artificial Intelligence into Business ProcessesAI is becoming a necessity to future-proof any business. SAP embraces infusing AI across business processes to make the intelligent enterprise a reality. Find out how we build on our strong technological foundation and combine machine learning, enterprise knowledge from available information in ERP systems, human-machine collaboration, hybrid evaluation metrics, and close development cycles. Join SAP's Global Head of AI, Feiyu Xu and get firsthand insights into SAP's AI strategy.Watch video
Architecture Vision and Strategy Behind SAP's Business Technology PlatformSAP's Business Technology Platform has a visionary, long-term architectural approach behind it to enable the intelligent suite to be truly integrated. At SAP, we create common solutions to common engineering challenges across the entire stack, from infrastructure, data management, and application patterns to UI technologies. This session outlines the architectural vision for cloud solutions at SAP for the coming years and how we plan to continuously improve on our architectural journey.Watch video
Deliver End-to-End Intelligent Business Processes with SAP S/4HANASAP is a market and technology leader in ERP software, and SAP S/4HANA is our intelligent solution for companies to adapt and scale with the agility they need to stay ahead. Join Jan Gilg, President SAP S/4HANA, for a deeper look into the solution's business value, deployment options, integrated business processes, strategy, and road map.Watch video
Reach Peak Performance with SAP Business Technology PlatformSAP Business Technology Platform is the foundation for the Intelligent Enterprise and helps your business achieve peak performance. Thanks to solutions in the application development and integration space such as SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite and SAP Cloud Platform Extension Suite, you can integrate and extend business applications faster and more efficiently. Differentiate yourself and run better with SAP Business Technology Platform.Watch video
Industry Cloud: Innovation and Transformation Platform for Your BusinessA crisis tends to serve as an accelerator, be it in speeding up the downturn of struggling businesses or in propelling companies to prosper in the new normal by successfully adopting next practices. Learn how you can use SAP’s industry cloud to master your business transformation and generate business value as an intelligent enterprise.Watch video
Make Digital Transformation a Success by Focusing on Enterprise AdoptionGain insights into how to make the digital transformation to the intelligent enterprise a success and how to drive adoption. Discover how SAP supports adoption readiness by working with companies to build quality from the start, empowering businesses to win locally and compete globally, and embedding user enablement in SAP applications.Watch video
Learning a New Skill Isn't As Hard As It Used to Be Gaining proficiency in a new skill doesn’t have to be a major challenge. In this session, Michelle Crapo, SAP Champion, review the step-by-step plan and approach she took to learn about ABAP core data services (CDS). These steps can be applied to master any new skill. Hear about the missteps she had along the way (such as relying on older blog posts) and the importance of links, links, and more links.Watch video
Transitioning from ABAP Programmer to Developer A common challenge faced by all ABAP programmers is learning about anything other than ABAP development tools. We eat, sleep, and repeat ABAP. Every SAP and non-SAP technology stack is evolving, and so should we. Make the move from ABAP programmer to developer for whom the language is just a way to express that art. We have come a long way from module pool programming to the Web Dynpro development environment and SAPUI5, so having a developer mind-set is super-important.Watch video
Insights from Women in the Tech Sector This roundtable's panelists share their experiences about working in the technology sector, provide their perspectives about the industry, and offer career advice for other women in the tech field.Watch video
Presenting the Devtoberfest FinalistsAfter 10 weeks of educating, building, and voting, we are now coming down the stretch. In this session, we introduce the Devtoberfest finalists. Tune in and experience firsthand what your fellow SAP developers have built to make your lives better.Watch video
Simplify Cloud Integration in an IDE with Gradle Plugins See how the open source Gradle plugins for SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite and SAP API Management can improve the way you deliver SAP integration projects.Watch video
Accelerating Innovation and Transformation During a Global CrisisCOVID-19 has disrupted organizations in ways we never anticipated. Discover how Parkland Hospital and SAP worked together to co-innovate and address challenges brought on by COVID-19, and to help make the hospital more resilient for the future. Learn how you can help ensure that your organization is prepared to manage disruption and succeed at digital transformation in challenging times.Watch video
How the Data Strategy at Paul Hartmann AG Helps Save Patients’ Lives During this year’s pandemic, a key challenge was to secure supplies of system-critical goods and ensure that healthcare providers have the supplies needed to save patient lives. Paul Hartmann AG, a medical supply firm, needed a way to unify, access, and analyze data across multiple internal and external sources to gain additional insights. Using SAP Business Technology Platform, they can maximize the potential of data, optimize manufacturing and supply chains, and deliver the best care.Watch video
Digitalizing the Daily Catch with Mobile Apps Royal Greenland A/S transformed and optimized an entirely paper-based documentation process used by the local fishermen who supply line-caught fish. The new digital solution solidifies the company’s supplier relationship with the fishermen, streamlines the procurement process, and enables the fishermen to deliver the documentation needed to fulfill government requirements. Join this session to learn more about this transformation journey.Watch video
Redefining Enterprise Purpose: Forces Shaping Enterprises in the Next Four Years To realize the full potential of emerging technologies, we need to think beyond raw technical capabilities. By 2024, the impact of digital technology will be less predictable and manageable. Advances in some technologies and wider societal and environmental shifts will generate more disruption that could derail even the most established business models. Technology is a source of disruption and an enabler of adaptability. Meaningful responses require enterprises to rethink their nature and purpose.Watch video
Best Practices for Moving to SAP S/4HANA in a Cloud EnvironmentThe cloud enables intelligent enterprises to use data to achieve their business goals faster and with less risk. Implementing ERP systems in the cloud offers benefits such as flexibility and scalability, but determining how best to achieve these is not always clear. What works on premise does not always work in the cloud. Discover best practices for deploying SAP S/4HANA in a cloud environment. Learn from SUSE’s experience what you need to consider when deploying SAP S/4HANA in the public cloud.Watch video
Boost SAP Performance with New Splunk Service Intelligence for SAP SolutionsNeed greater visibility into your SAP software operations and infrastructure? See how the new Splunk Service Intelligence for SAP solutions, available on SAP App Center, offers end-to-end views into the health and performance of your business processes. It correlates SAP S/4HANA data with infrastructure data to accelerate outage detection and response by 80% to 90%. Learn to monitor, triage, and report on the performance of critical business services, while keeping your business moving forward.Watch video