What's New? November and December 2019

Want to know the latest and greatest news about SAP Community? Then you're in the right spot! Here you'll find links to recent announcements about SAP Community programs, developments, strategy, and more.

Missions & Badges Weekly Roundup - December 9-15, 2019

Audrey Stevenson publishes a weekly shout-out on Tuesdays to Community members who have earned a 2019 mission the week prior. The list covers all missions earned Monday through Sunday (midnight to midnight, UTC).  Read the blog post.

HANA and Analytics Blog Migration Update

December 17, 2019

As of December 17, all blog content formerly hosted on the SAP HANA blogs and Analytics blogs is now part of SAP Community. This brings all HANA and Analytics topics blog posts into once place. Readers and contributors no longer need to go to three places (Community, Analytics, HANA) for the information, just one place.  With this completed migration, roughly 200 new bloggers are welcomed into the community. The primary tags for the four topics migrated are Analytics, Database and Data Management (formerly Digital Platform), SAP Leonardo and SAP Cloud Platform.

Read more in this blog post.

New Topic Pages - December 2019

SAP for Retail: SAP provides an integrated suite of applications, intelligent technologies, and a digital platform for retailers to pursue innovative business models and deliver relevant personalized customer experiences anywhere, anytime.

Mindfulness-Based Emotional Intelligence: Emotional intelligence and mindfulness practices rooted in contemporary neuroscience bring a human touch to digital transformation. In this community we want to discuss and share ideas how these concepts can be applied in the workplace in order to create a value-oriented culture in which everybody can unlock his full potential.

Featured Contributors - November 2019

Please join me in congratulating the Featured Contributors for November 2019!

There are a variety of topics covered as always. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy reading some of the blogs you may have missed in the last two months that come from non-employees and non-Mentor community members. We select the posts based on a combination of factors including quality indicators and traffic analytics.

New Notification Type: Comments and Answers to Content You Follow

November 12, 2019

You now have the ability to receive notifications (via email and profile inbox) whenever someone replies to content you follow -- such as a question or a blog post.

By turning on this notification, you'll receive an update whenever someone leaves any sort of response or reply to the content that you follow, including an answer to a question, a comment on a blog post -- even a comment on a comment!

This new notification type provides the type of functionality requested via our Customer Influence area, where members can propose and vote on new features for SAP Community.

To enable this notification, go to the Communications section of your profile (found under Account & Settings) and select Inbox and/or E-mail for "Comments and answers to content I follow," found within the Community list within What notifications would you like to receive?