What's New? November 2018

Release Highlights

November 21, 2018

As shown on SAP Community Release Notes (a wiki page that you should watch/follow, so you can get instant notifications when we roll out bi-weekly updates), new features and bug fixes came to the SAP Community platform today.

Of particular importance to the developers who write blog posts: We've added Swift and Perl to the list of supported languages. That means you can now insert Swift and Perl code samples when publishing.

Check back in early December for a new a batch of release highlights!

Release Highlights

November 8, 2018

We rolled out a variety of new features and bug fixes. Highlights include:

  • Editorial guidelines are now available when starting a new discussion and questions.
  • Coffee Corner has the same look and feel as Questions & Answers.
  • Moderators can convert answers to comments and vice versa.
  • New user experience for lists of blogs makes identifying and sorting easier.

For a full list of features and fixes, please watch the SAP Community Release Notes page.

New Tips and Tricks Videos

November 8, 2018

Recent changes to the SAP Community platform have also changed the overall experience. To help members (new and old) find their way around (and to ensure they get the most out of the SAP Community), we have produced a new series of tips and tricks videos. The full playlist is on our YouTube channel -- and the videos are also accessible on a dedicated resources page.

Here's a list of the latest videos (along with links to them on YouTube):