What's New January 2020

Want to know the latest and greatest news about SAP Community? Then you're in the right spot! Here you'll find links to recent announcements about SAP Community programs, developments, strategy, and more.

WordPress Planned Downtime

There will be planned downtime in blogs.sap.com for up to 1 hour this Saturday, February 8, 2020 from 2:30 pm CET to 3:30 pm CET (8:30 am ET; 5:30 am PT) to do OS security patch installation.

Please save your work.

Missions & Badges Weekly Roundup - January 27-February 2, 2020

Audrey Stevenson publishes a weekly shout-out on Tuesdays to Community members who have earned a 2020 mission the week prior. The list covers all missions earned Monday through Sunday (midnight to midnight, UTC).  

Some notable badges earned last week include:

Want to see all of the missions that are available for you to complete, as well as the ones you have already earned? Visit the Missions section in your profile. Want to know more about SAP Community missions and how to earn them? See the Missions and Badges Overview page.

Read the blog post.

SAP Community and Developer Events Page Changes

If you’ve visited the SAP Community and Developer Events page recently, you may have noticed a new look and feel. The layout is clear and fresh and the page loads faster!

Also, you can now look for events in a specific country (from Australia to India) or filter your choices by type of event such as SAP CodeJam, SAP InsideTrack, SAP Stammtisch, or online courses.

Issue with Q&A Moderation Alerts - Resolved

January 24, 2020 - Update: The moderation issue is resolved. 

The community team is working to process the backlog of Q&A moderation alerts.

January 15, 2020 -- Due to a recent issue with our Q&A moderation system, we can't access any alerts about questions, answers, and Q&A comments. As a result, if you have submitted a moderation alert for Q&A content, we have been unable to process.

Fixing this issue is a top priority, and we'll announce when the Q&A moderation system is fully functional again. In the meantime, you may continue to submit moderation alerts for questions and answers, but please expect a delay in response from our moderation team.

Please note that this issue only affects the Q&A system. We are continuing to process all moderation alerts for blog posts and blog comments.

New Topic Pages - January 2020

SAP S/4HANA Movement Digital Experience: Building on a joint commitment to simplify and modernize customers’ journeys to the cloud, SAP and Microsoft's go-to-market partnership accelerates customer adoption of SAP S/4HANA on Microsoft Azure.

New subpages:

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