What's New? December 2018

Introducing New Blog Categories

December 19, 2018

As of today, we have introduced categorization to our blogging system. Moving forward, in addition to choosing a primary tag before publishing, authors must select one of the new blog categories for their blog posts. In other words, both a primary tag and a category are now mandatory for all new blog posts. We added the new categories to give members an additional option for sorting and searching blog posts, making it easier for them to find content that matches their specific interests.

The categories -- and the reasons for choosing one -- are as follows:

  • Technical Articles: Help people get the most out of their SAP software by giving technical tips and diving deeply into best practices for developers using the software.
  • Personal Insights: Explore a topic that interests you -- and that might interest the community! Share knowledge about career development, life experiences, and more.
  • Product Information: Provide expertise and examine updates about an SAP offering or related product – covering features and explaining functionality.
  • Business Trends: Demonstrate thought leadership by tackling broader trending topics relevant to the world of business software.
  • Event Information: Share your point of view about any type of event (online or in the real world), explaining the benefits of attendance.

For more information about the new blog categories -- as well as links to additional instructions for using/applying them -- please see the Better Sorting of Blog Content via Categorization post.