What's New August 2020

Want to know the latest and greatest news about SAP Community? Then you're in the right spot! Here you'll find links to recent announcements about SAP Community programs, developments, strategy, and more.

Changes to SAP Managed Tags (Formerly Primary Tags)

August 27, 2020 - As of today, when you go to write a blog post or ask a question, you'll notice that there is now a limit of seven SAP managed tags (formerly known as primary tags) and seven user tags. The managed tags trigger the notifications on community content.

We want to encourage you to select the most relevant tags based on the main topic of the content. Better tagging will help members organize and discover information in SAP Community.

Announcing the New SAP Community Live Page!

August 19, 2020 - Introducing the Community Live page, which offers you an easy way to stay on top of and consume all the digital content that is now being created by the experts, from one central place.

While the COVID-19 pandemic helped accelerate the consumption and expansion of digital content and experiences, it also triggered the need to rethink how we bring this content together for our audiences in a way that makes it very easy for them to navigate, consume and engage with.

The Community Live page showcases videos and podcasts from community team members, developer advocates, and SAP executives. At launch, it’s set up with separate channels including: Industry Insights by SAP, SAP CodeTalk, SAP Community Calls, SAP Community Report, SAP Developers, and the Digital Supply Chain podcast.

The content continues to cover a wide range including:

  • Developer to developer videos where our advocates share educational content and provide an opportunity to have interactive chats and connect with fellow developers and SAP experts
  • Interview-style videos and podcasts where product experts and thought leaders share their insights and points of view about specific products, technologies or industry trends
  • Recaps of webinars and community calls where experts provide the latest updates on their products, share tips on how to use them, and address questions from the community

Content is created by developer advocates, product experts, SAP executives, thought leaders, and community members.

Tips for Blogging on SAP Community

August 7, 2020 - If you're interested in reading and writing blog posts on SAP Community, you'll want to watch this latest video and listen to the advice from members of the SAP Champions program and SAP Community & Influencers team -- and you'll also want to take the "Write and Publish Blog Posts on SAP Community" tutorial.

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