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New Search Experience on SAP Community

July 7 – Today, SAP Community announces a new Search experience to help refine your search needs within the community. With https://community.sap.com/search/ you’ll be able to fine-tune your community-specific search down to the author, content type, and date the content was created.

To find content in the Community enter a search term or select a Content Type or Tag to see the most recent community content.


The filters are content-type sensitive. Additional filters will appear depending on the initial content type. For example, when selecting blog posts, additional filters such as: blog categories, tag and language appears. You will be able to search within all blogs, all questions, or all documents for a specific author and date. The filters you’ve selected will be visible at the top of the search page.


There are three expressions available to use for search. All three can be used at once to refine your search. These can be used with only spaces between each search expression.

Expressions are the type of document, blog or question, a specific author, and/or the date content was created. These need to be written (as stated in parentheses below) in the search toolbar:

  • Author name: (author:username)
  • Date content was created: (age:6m or age:1y)
  • User tags (userTag)

New Tags on SAP Community

July 1, 2020 - The following tags went live on the SAP Community:

SAP Road Map Explorer

SAP S/4HANA Cloud, extended edition

New Features

July 1, 2020 – Three new items were introduced recently to the blogs platform. These include:

  1. Introduced image title and image alt text to encourage adding a description of the image (not mandatory).
  2. Lightbox option, which offers the ability to zoom in and out (see image below).
  3. Added a cancel button for writing or updating a blog post (see image below).

Zoom In, Zoom Out

Cancel Button

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