About Tags

Metadata powers the organization and discovery of information in SAP Community. Applying tags to questions and blogs allows community content to be retrieved and aggregated in the community and throughout the SAP digital experience.

SAP Managed Tags

SAP established a core set of metadata based on the SAP taxonomy of products, solutions, services, topics, events, and more. We’ve pulled together this metadata because it’s specific to SAP. It is meant to serve as a common SAP vocabulary with which to identify and characterize content relevant to the world of SAP and its software customers, and ecosystem. We call the terms in this SAP metadata schema “managed tags” in the community.

At least one managed tag must be applied to a question or blog post before it can be published. This tag designates the main subject of the content. You may select up to seven SAP managed tags and seven user tags (which are tags that you can create).