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The SAP Community is the official, inclusive and receptive environment where currently 3 million users (representing customers, partners, consultants, students, user groups) access, to seek help and exchange knowledge. SAP has identified the most active contributors within the community and created special “VIP” programs to honor and work closely with them to ensure we are doing all that we can to keep the community active, engaged and informed. 

SAP Champions and SAP Mentors are top influencers within the SAP Community who are customers & partners that have deep SAP topic expertise with a passion to share, educate, influence and give “real” feedback based on their own experiences. Our 3 primary goals are to engage regularly, be transparent and listen. 

2021 Initiatives

  1. Introduce & develop trusted, transparent relationships.
  2. Communicate consistently (monthly internal/external communications, upcoming events, documentation).
  3. Engage continually & follow through (meeting notes, executive sponsors, announcement reviews).
  4. Promote the influencers & topics (promotions, influencer spotlights, analyst engagement).

SAP Champions

SAP Champions are externally experienced community members, or an SAP employee who demonstrates a positive acumen, continually engages, amplifies and shares their industry-standard experience to the SAP Community. Invitation only. . Learn More | Spotlights | Profiles

SAP Mentors

SAP Mentors are external influencers who are experienced, knowledgeable, trusted advisors who provide value to SAP. Invitation only. Learn More | Profiles

SAP Mentor Alumni

SAP Mentor Alumni served as an active SAP Mentor and have since 'retired' from the program. These alumni are renowned experts and part of the SAP Community circle. Find one.


Are you interested to become an SAP Mentor or SAP Champion? If so please review this nomination form and send it to us. 

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