FAQ - Profile Linking for SAP Community

This page contains some frequently asked questions and the procedure to link account profiles

What is profile linking, and will it combine my SAP accounts?

Profile linking allows users to link other accounts they own, which will show snapshots of the profiles from their other accounts within their current, active profile. 

Profile linking does not combine the accounts in any way or consolidate the content list or the reputation. The content lists and reputation of each account remain separate.

Profile linking also does not make it possible for users to log into their other, inactive accounts to create more content or acquire additional reputation in those accounts.

How can I combine my SAP accounts?

Later this year, SAP Community will share more information regarding the consolidation tool that members can apply to their linked accounts and assign all their content to the SAP Universal ID. To learn more about SAP Community’s vision to support SAP Universal ID, visit FAQ - SAP Universal ID for SAP Community

Step 1: Go to the profile "Dashboard"

Go to your profile "Dashboard" and, under the “Account & Settings” area, select “Profile Linking.”

Step 2: Link an SAP profile

Click on “Link an SAP profile” and enter the user ID of the second account, along with the password, in the fields provided

Step 3: Provide credentials

After you provided the other account's credentials, press the “Link profile” button and the two accounts are now linked together