SAP Community Calls List 2018

The following is a list of past SAP Community Calls, including their replay recordings and support materials. In these calls, SAP experts shared their knowledge on a variety of subjects of interest to community members.

Past Calls (Recordings and Slides)

Date & Time Title & Registration LinkAgenda Presenters
29 Jan

(8:30am PST; 11:30am EST; 5:30pm CET)
SAP Knowledge Organization OverviewNotes/recap blogA high-level overview on what they are currently doing in the Learning Space. This initial call will kick-off a quarterly

series of update calls which will be included in the regular SAP Mentors community calls. You will
get more information on their products and offerings, e.g. on Learning Hub, Live Access, ….
Jan Meyer, Stefan Haenisch , Christiane Schmidt – SAP Knowledge Organization
05 Mar

(9:00am PST; 12:00pm EST; 6:00pm CET
Stand Out in a Software-Driven World

Notes/recap blog with Q&A

During this webinar we will present:

The key principles of Mendix
A short demonstration of the Mendix Platform
Share examples of Mendix on top of SAP
Erno Rorive - Product Manager at Mendix

Ohad Navon - Product Manager at SAP
26 Mar

(4:30pm PST; 7:30pm EST)
27 Mar (6:00am IST)
Setting up IOT Service on SAP CP and Exposing the Data

The session would detail steps needed to get started with IOT services on SAP CP. If you’re wondering how can you start with IOT services, this session is for you.

    a) Steps needed to configure IOT services on SAP CP NEO trial version.
    b) Actions that could be performed on the generated oDATA API.
    c) Configuration needed to store the IOT data in a defined database table.
Kumud Singh - SAP Mentor, Lead Consultant at HCL Technologies
9 April

(1:00pm PST; 4:00pm EST; 10:00pm CET)
Why Diversity and Inclusion is Important to SAP and our Technology Community


Proposed agenda:

Defining Diversity and Inclusion
How Diversity and Inclusion matters at SAP (Presentation by Stephanie
Diversity of Technology and Technologists (Blog by Moya)
SAP Mentors Diversity goals for 2018 and beyond
Strategies discussion & call to action
Stephanie Redivo- SAP Sr. Program Manager - Global Diversity and Inclusion Office

Moya Watson - SAP Mentor, SAP Cloud Platform Product Manager

Hana Nagel - User Researcher, SAP Hybris

Jason Cao - SAP Mentors Program
30 April

(1:00pm PST; 4:00pm  EST; 10:00pm CET)
Data Aging in SAP S/4HANA

Data Aging is a good option for SAP S/4HANA customers that want to better control the Data

Temperature of your systems, optimize memory usage while still using old data for analytics. Join this session to learn more about this topic, and to see how Data Aging was applied in an actual scenario.
Bruno Lucattelli - SAP Mentor, Software Developer at Cyrius IT
7 May

(9am PST; 12pm EST; 6pm CET)
Your Path to Delivery Enablement with SAP S/4HANA Cloud

Proposed agenda:

Understanding the key dimensions of S/4HANA Cloud Delivery Enablement
Formal Education offering from SAP Learning Hub
SAP S/4HANA Cloud Certifications from SAP Education
Audience: Delivery audience and project implementation teams
Frank Lingenberg - SAP Global Head Customer Lifecycle Management Enablement for S/4HANA Cloud
14 May

(11am PST; 2:00pm EST; 8:00pm CET)
Getting Ready for ASUG Annual Conference 2018 / SAPPHIRENOW


Presentation download

Please attend this webcast to get your Roadmap for the ASUG Annual Conference. This webcast will provide conference information for both ASUG and SAPPHIRENOW and help you plan your conference

agenda and maximize your conference experience. In this 30 minute session, see a preview of
some of the ASUG sessions and why you should attend SAP’s largest user conference.
Tammy Powlas - SAP Mentor, Business Analyst at Fairfax Water
11 Jun

(1pm PST; 4pm EST; 10pm CET)
Getting the most from your SAP Support


Presentation download
In this SAP Community Call you will learn about the Support Resources that are available to our customers. The objective is to provide the customer with information needed to successfully engage with our Support Organisation.Breffini Kilgannon - SAP Support Engineer CIC
10 Sep

(12pm PST; 3pm EST; 9pm CET)
Getting Ready for SAP TechEd Conference


Cathy's presentation

Caroleigh's presentation

Tammy's presentation
Whether it's your first or 20th time attending SAP TechEd conferences, join this session to learn about the

highlights this year including new elements for SAP's premier educational conference. You'll hear from
veteran attendees their tips and tricks for getting the most value while attending the conference. Also, learn about new online missions to help SAP Community members
build their reputation and have even more fun at SAP TechEd.
Ric Rogers and Cathy Neergaard - SAP Global Events - SAP

Tammy Powlas - SAP Mentor, Business Analyst at Fairfax Water

Caroleigh Deneen - Community Gamification, SAP

24 Sep

(9am PST; 12pm EST; 6pm CET)
Your Reputation in SAP Community


Presentation download
If you're a member of the SAP Community who is active or thinking about becoming a contributor, you

care about your reputation in the Community. Learn about all of the reputation elements available, and hear from a panel of speakers about how recognition and reputation in the Community opened doors for them.
Audrey Stevenson - SAP Developer & Community Relations, SAP


Baerbel Winkler - SAP System Analyst - Alfred Kaercher GmbH & Co. KG

Matt Fraser- Senior Basis Systems Administrator, Seattle Public Schools

Sharath M G- Senior Development Consultant
9 Oct

(9am PST; 12pm EST; 6pm CET)
Keep Learning with SAP Developer Tutorials

Are you a developer interested in learning a new skill or just want to keep your technical knowledge

up to date? Join this session to learn about the resources available to SAP developers in
the SAP Developer site, including an introduction of the new tutorial design, tutorials in general and the new developer missions.
Daniel Wroblewski - SAP Developer Relations
15 Oct

(9am PST; 12pm EST; 6pm CET)
Get Yourself Ready for SAP TechEd 2018 Barcelona

Presentation download
Back by popular demand is the SAP TechEd prep session for Barcelona. In addition to receiving general

SAP TechEd conference information, you will get specific information about SAP TechEd 2018 Barcelona,
and hear from our panel of speakers who will share info and tips to make Barcelona the best experience possible for you.
Cathy Neergaard - Global Head of SAP TechEd Events

David Ruiz Badia - SAP Architect Enel Group, SAP Mentor and Customer
19 Nov

(1pm PST; 4pm EST; 10pm CET)
The Importance of Soft Skills to Employers

Presentation Download

LinkedIn Template (from Andrea)
SAP offers many free courses and training opportunities through its openSAP platform. Join this session to hear directly from the openSAP team, as they share what's available, what's new and also what you can expect in the way of learning for peers and SAP experts.Michaela Laemmler, Clemens Link - openSAP - SAP
10 Dec (8am PST; 11am EST; 5pm CET)Build Cross-Platform Mobile Solutions in Less Than 15 Mins

Presentation Download
How do you get started with mobile development without having to invest in a complicated toolchain or education? Join this session to learn how you can see the first results in just a few minutes and use your existing HTML skills to build appealing, mobile micro solutions.Sami Lechner - Product Manager, SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services - SAP