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Hosted by SAP, these live stream events provide an opportunity for you to learn about SAP products, platforms and tools, get the latest release updates, walk through demos, and participate in how-to sessions while engaging directly with the experts throughout the event. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, everyone is welcome to SAP’s Community Calls.

Joining the calls

Please note that our process for joining the Community Calls has changed. Now, you can go to the YouTube link to subscribe to SAP Community Calls. There, you can set reminders for the calls you’re interested in attending. No need to register for upcoming calls.

Upcoming calls

Date and timeTitle and registration linkAgenda Presenter(s)
13 June (3 pm CET; 9 am ET; 6 am PT)Learn how Delivery Hero’ Builds, Manages and Scales their NextGen Global On-demand Food Delivery Platform on SAP Integration SuiteIn this deep-dive session, we would like to share insights on how we manage and scale using SAP Integration Suite, how we handle large volumes of data, how it influences our processes, the technical solutions we build , best practices and the challenges we face.
Jelle De Bruijn, Senior SAP Integration consultant at Delivery Hero; Jennilyn Ami, Senior SAP Integration Consultant at Delivery Hero; and Gayathri Narayana, Product Management, SAP Integration Suite

14 June (11 am CET; 5 am ET; 3 am PT)What's New with SAP Process Automation?Join product experts Natascha and Marcin to get to know the latest product features and enhancements for business experts/citizen developers within SAP Process Automation.

Follow SAP Process Automation for more information: SAP Process Automation | SAP Community:

Marcin Jedrzejczak, Lead Product Manager, SAP Process Automation and
Natascha Josipovic

Product Strategist, SAP Process Automation

15 June  (5 pm CET; 11 am ET; 8 am PT)One App, Two Flavors: Comparing SAPUI5 with UI5 Web Components for ReactWhat are the differences and similarities between freestyle SAPUI5 and UI5 Web Components for React? We have built the same app with both flavors in order to find out. In this session we will discuss the development experience and compare the end results.Michelle Moudy, Developer Advocate at SAP and Nico Geburek, Developer Advocate at SAP
20 June (5 pm CET; 11 am ET; 8 am PT)Understand How SAP S/4HANA Cloud Can Power Businesses of the FutureToday we face many challenges, geopolitical, supply chain, remote workforces to name a few. Navigating these, while still identifying new opportunities requires an industry-ready cloud ERP solution. Discover how SAP S/4HANA Cloud can help you meet the increasing demands of your business and your customers, with industry-ready capabilities, intelligent automation, and personalized insights.Jan Gilg, President and Chief Product Officer SAP S/4HANA Cloud
21 June (4 pm CET; 10 am ET; 7 am PT)SAP S/4HANA Manufacturing: What it is, what’s new and how to benefitSAP S/4HANA as SAP´s flagship ERP solution offers a comprehensive set of capabilities to run manufacturing processes. Join Stefan Gerber and Jakob Schneller to get a holistic understanding of manufacturing in SAP S/4HANA.Stefan Gerber and Jakob Schneller 
23 June (4 pm CET; 10 am ET; 7 am PT)CATENA-X: Industry Network & Technology for a Data Driven Value ChainCATENA-X offers a user-friendly environment for building, operating and collaboratively using end-to-end data chains, along the entire automotive value chain. The resulting data ecosystem builds a decentralized network with a virtual data space, which enables the data exchange between 2 or more parties in a peer-to-peer fashion without the need of a central hub. Join this session to learn more.Dr. Daniela Wünsch, Product Expert for Industry Cloud Architecture and Thomas Obermeyer, Chief Development Architect for Industry Cloud Architecture

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