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Hosted by the SAP Community team, these free calls are some of the most engaging webinars around! Typically, the calls are an hour. For each webinar, the presentation portion takes 25 minutes, followed by 30 minutes of in-depth questions and discussions with the audience -- with the final 5 minutes usually spent looking ahead to what topics are planned in the coming weeks.

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The easiest way to join the calls is to register for the ones you're interested in. (We promote them individually on this page as they are announced.) This way, you can download an event file to your calendar, and we can also send you a reminder with the conference link and dial-in info.

Upcoming calls

Date and timeTitle and registration linkAgenda Presenter(s)
20 October (5 pm CET, 11 am ET, 8 am PT)Virtual Tour with SAP Champion Nil PeksenWhat are the ways of keeping the SAP Community spirit alive during COVID-19? Unprecedented challenges with COVID-19 kept us physically disconnected, but interaction and communication are more important now than ever before. Let’s get through this together. Nil Peksen, SAP Champion and SAP Analytics Consultant
22 October (9:30 CET, 3:30 am ET, 12:30 PT)Software Logistics Solutions from SAP in a Hybrid WorldSAP offers a broad spectrum of software life cycle solutions from the management of large on-premise landscapes to software running on-demand in the cloud. In this call we will give an overview about the solution portfolio and will also talk about how we bridge the gap in hybrid scenarios.Volker Zirkel, Marcus Roland Schwarz
28 October (9:30 CET, 3:30 am ET, 12:30 PT)Plan Your Cloud Journey with Maintenance Planner

As businesses move toward cloud-based solutions, it becomes critical to support landscape maintenance requirements for your hybrid landscapes. Typical services now offered by Maintenance Planner will be extended to support customers in transformation projects. From visualizing your current hybrid landscapes to painting futuristic strategy pictures based on SAP published reference landscapes.Priti Dhingra, Anupam Rajput
30 October (9 am CET; 3 am ET; 12 am PT)Efficient DevOps with SAP Cloud PlatformDevOps is a key enable to achieve high agility in cloud projects. SAP Cloud Platform offers tools and services that foster corresponding principles and ease adoption – for cloud-native applications, but also for hybrid scenarios. Get an overview of SAP’s DevOps concept around SAP Cloud Platform and how SAP brings in its vast experience in enterprise software to enable DevOps with the right mix of agility and enterprise-readiness.Boris Zarske
2 November (10 am CET; 4 am ET; 1 am PT)Transporting ABAP and non-ABAP objects (CTS, CTS+, cCTS, HTA (for HDI), gCTS)If customers develop their own functionality, they most probably will do so in a development system and then move the changes to a testing and finally a production system. In this session, you will get an overview, how moving these changes works in ABAP, for non-ABAP and if changes in ABAP and non-ABAP have to be moved together.Karin Spiegel 
4 November (4:30 pm CET; 10:30 am ET; 7:30 am PT)Digital IT ShowroomFeel the heartbeat of the unbreakable business: The Intelligent Enterprise Showroom brings the digital company within reach. In 2020, SAP has become a best practice for succeeding even in challenging times. But how can our customers and the entire SAP community benefit from SAP`s experience at ensuring business continuity and unlimited collaboration under any circumstances?
What to expect:
- We will introduce you to the Intelligent Enterprise
- Explore the Digital Workspace as well as a mobile workstyle in an Employee Lifecycle and show you how the Intelligent Enterprise is involved and what we offer to make it happen

Dr. Oliver Gutzeit (SAP's Experience Technology Team Leader)
5 November (8:30 am CET; 2:30 am ET; 11:30 pm PT)Managing the lifecycle of SAP S/4HANA Machine Learning ScenariosIntroducing Intelligent Scenario Lifecycle Management (ISLM) framework that empowers business administrators to perform lifecycle Management operations of machine learning scenarios. ISLM offers harmonized operational experience for embedded ML scenarios (fka PAi Predictive Scenarios) utilizing HANA provided libraries like APL and PAL, as well as side-by-side e.g. deep learning models using SAP Data Intelligence.Priti Dhingra, Abhishek Mishra
6 November (10 am CET; 4 am ET; 1 am PT)Leveraging zero-downtime maintenance for release upgrades of SAP S/4HANAIn this session, you'll learn more about the Zero Downtime Option of Software Update Manager for release upgrades of SAP S/4HANA. Get a comprehensive view of the zero-downtime maintenance procedure and learn more about the preparation steps to be executed in the SAP S/4HANA system.Jens Fieger
11 November (9:30 am CET; 3:30 am ET; 12:30 am PT)Intelligent system maintenance using ANSTFor all our support specialists, consultants and developers across the globe ,Isn't it our dream to have someone identify the root cause of an issue and provide a precise fix within seconds? ANST is a revolutionary tool that does just that! With its unique capabilities like context based note search, and trace back replication, ANST pin points the exact cause of a functional issue or a dump and provides a list of notes containing a fix. It also detects customer code customizing tables during the search, leading to a quick resolution. Does it sound too good to be true? Join our session to find out!Abhiraj Suman , Heena Sabarwal
12 November (9 am CET; 3 am ET; 12 am PT)How to Transform Integration into an Automated Workflow … and how Customers will benefit from it One pillar of the Intelligent Enterprise is the smart Integration of all SAP Solutions.

SAP Customers face the challenge to configure their business scenarios. Today the scenario integration in a hybrid landscape or in a cloud-to-cloud landscape is painful. In this session we introduce our offering for SAP Solution Owners to significantly improve the customer situation with reasonable effort. Cloud Integration Automation Service is an infrastructure which enables LOBs to describe, model and automate the integration setup and make it centrally available as a cloud service.

Stefan Jakobi
24 November (11 am CET;  5 am ET; 2 am PT)Introduction to Git-enabled CTSWith git-enabled CTS, there is an option to integrated your ABAP-based development projects with devOps processes. Join this session, if you would like to know what is possible and see how it works. The agenda items will be covered:

o The idea of gCTS
o The software lifecycle process for ABAP using gCTS
o Required software and configuration

Karin Spiegel

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