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Hosted by the SAP Community team, these free calls are some of the most engaging webinars around! Typically, the calls are an hour. For each webinar, the presentation portion takes 25 minutes, followed by 30 minutes of in-depth questions and discussions with the audience -- with the final 5 minutes usually spent looking ahead to what topics are planned in the coming weeks.

Joining the calls

The easiest way to join the calls is to register for the ones you're interested in. (We promote them individually on this page as they are announced.) This way, you can download an event file to your calendar, and we can also send you a reminder with the conference link and dial-in info.

Upcoming calls

Date and timeTitle and registration linkAgenda Presenter(s)
21 November (5am PT; 8am ET; 2pm CET)SAP Intelligent Business Process Management – Master Business Processes with SAP Cloud PlatformIn this call you will get an introduction to SAP Intelligent BPM. Learn how the new family of services within SAP Cloud Platform supports you to automate business processes, manage decision logic and gain end-to-end process visibility. Integrated with SAP Conversational AI for digital assistance and SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation to improve the business process experience for our customers.Thomas Volmering ,
Head of Product Management for SAP Intelligent BPM @SAP SE

25 November (8am PT; 11am ET; 5pm CET)Taking on Fake News about Climate ChangeWe'll take a look at some climate change basics, how these get attacked, how this can be identified and what can be done to - hopefully! - halt the spread of this and other fake news.Baerbel Winkler
26 November (12am PT; 4am ET; 9am CET)Architecting with SAP Cloud Platform and AWSLearn how SAP and AWS are bringing collaboration to the next level. Plenty can be done with AWS beyond using it as an Infrastructure-as-a-service to host your core SAP solutions. Get introduced to some common architectural patterns around building cloud native apps that leverage native AWS capability along with SAP Cloud Platform, and hear examples of how customers are building innovative applications using cross-platform technologies.Murali Shanmugham, Solution Advisor & SAP Technology Ambassador @SAP
28 November (8am PT; 11am ET; 5pm CET)Automate Your Integration Governance with Open-Source SoftwareCPILint is a free and open-source governance tool for SAP Cloud Platform Integration. It lets you create executable development guidelines consisting of rules that you want your integration flows to comply with. CPILint then does the heavy lifting of verifying that your flows are compliant, and presents you with a report of those that are not. In this call, you will get an overview of CPILint and learn how to get started using the tool.Morten Wittrock, Principal Architect, SAP Mentor, SAP PRESS author, and founder of the Detroubulator and CPILint open-source projects in the SAP integration space and 
3 December (5:30 am PT; 8:30 am ET; 2:30 pm CET)Customer Vendor Integration (CVI) Cockpit - Enabling movement to SAP S/4HANA through seamless Business Partner synchronizationFor an existing SAP ECC customer, the current Business Partner Synchronization process involves execution of multiple stand-alone reports/transactions. This resulted in high efforts invested by customers as part of BP/CVI conversion projects. To address this issue for ECC Customers, SAP has delivered a standard centralized and guided Cockpit that would have seamless integration to all the required process components, in the intended sequence.S Pramod and Saptarshi Sen
Product Owners @SAP LABS INDIA PVT. LTD.

Product Owners of SAP S/4HANA Business Partner
5 December (7am PT; 10am ET: 4pm CET)SAP Launching Farm to Consumer Blockchain Solution to Improve Food SafetyMore and more consumers want to know the origin of the food they eat and how it was produced. A big concern of consumers but also of food companies is food safety. In October, SAP launched a brand new blockchain application that will allow food companies to trace product genealogy of multi-ingredient food products across company boundaries in a network of multiple supply chain partners. Tanja Reith, Solution Manager @SAP SE and Eric Somitsch, Senior Director @SAP SE

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