SAP Champions - Spotlight Interviews

The Spotlight Interviews series gives the SAP Community the opportunity to get to know the members of our SAP Champions program better.

Spotlight Interviews

SAP Champions are among the top contributors within SAP Community, and the Spotlight Interviews series includes conversations with these valuable members. In these interviews, the SAP Champions share their backgrounds, talk about their experiences, and offer tips for getting the most out of the SAP Community.

In April 2020, these interviews replaced series such as Member of the Month and featured contributors, allowing SAP Community to focus on SAP Champions exclusively, spotlight them more frequently, and invite more members into the program.

Latest Spotlight Interviews

Douglas Cezar Küchler

Marssel Vilaça

Read the Spotlight Interview with Marssel Vilaça.

Damir Majer

Read the Spotlight Interview with Damir Majer.

John Astill

Listen to the Spotlight Interview with John Astill.

Phil Cooley

Listen to the Spotlight Interview with Phil Cooley.

Andrew Lunde

Listen to the Spotlight Interview with Andrew Lunde.

Nabheet Madan

Listen to the Spotlight Interview with Nabheet Madan.

Andreas Gautsch

Read the Spotlight Interview with Andreas Gautsch.

Christian Drumm

Listen to the Spotlight Interview with Christian Drumm.

SAP Mentor Spotlight Interview with Tammy Powlas

Read the SAP Mentor Spotlight interview with Tammy Powlas focused on SAP Learning.