SAP Champions & SAP Mentors Spotlight Interviews

The Spotlight Interviews series provides the opportunity to get to know the SAP Champions and SAP Mentors, including their backgrounds, interests, experiences, thought leadership perspectives, and tips for getting the most out of the SAP Community. Prior to the Spotlight Interview series, the SAP Community recognized Member of the Month and featured contributors.

SAP Champions

SAP Champions are top contributors to the SAP Community serving as distinguished leaders and upholding community ideals and spirit. Through their insights and expertise, SAP Champions are dedicated to helping members maximize their SAP community experience.

Susan Keohan - SAP Workflow Management

Learn more about the current and future state of SAP Workflow Management with Susan, SAP Workflow developer at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. She provides insights on how the business environment and technologies can help allocate employees and other resources intelligently.

About Susan Keohan | Spotlight Interview & Video

Christian Drumm - Professor of Information Systems

Tune into a podcast on how Christian, a Professor for Information Systems at the University of Applied Sciences in Aachen, Germany, moved from the world of consulting to academia as well as from SAP Mentor to SAP Champion. Learn how he uses the SAP Community to help educate his students.

About Christian Drumm | Spotlight Interview

Andreas Gautsch - ABAP and Code Quality

Check out this Spotlight where Andreas shares his career journey and expertise including ABAP and .NET which inspires him to speak at many SAP events, write numerous blogs, and share relevant plug-ins for the community. In addition, learn about his adventures traveling and his passion for multiple languages.

About Andreas Gautsch | Spotlight Interview

SAP Mentors

SAP Mentors are top influencers representing customers, partners, and consultants. They provide feedback on SAP technologies and strategies by participating in a global advocacy program that recognizes exceptional, high-value members of the larger SAP ecosystem. As experts specializing in one or more SAP products or services, they boast deep industry-specific, line of business, or technology knowledge. SAP Mentors are collaborative by nature with excellent communications skills and a passion to share, educate, and influence.

Heather Hill - Analytics and Community

Check out how international speaker and co-author Heather Hill applies her passion for delivering business intelligence and analytics initiatives to enable winning teams, empower women and drive diverse group of leaders through her coaching solutions.

About Heather Hill | Spotlight Interview

Danielle Larocca - SAP SuccessFactors & Support

SAP Mentor Danielle Larocca was joined by Jill Popelka, President of SAP SuccessFactors, and Becky Doyle, Global VP Product Support People, to discuss SuccessFactors and the growing importance of employee empowerment in the workforce. Learn more about embracing digital transformation and creating an adaptable workforce.

About Danielle Larocca | Spotlight Interview & Video

Karin Tillotson - Data Archiving & Information Lifecycle Management

Find out how SAP Mentor, Karin Tillotson combines personal and professional interests including hiking, encouraging women in technology, sharing insights on diversity in the workplace, or pursuing professional interests such as Data Archiving and Information Lifecycle Management (ILM).

About Karin Tillotson | Spotlight Interview

Peter Langner - SAP S/4HANA & SAP GLobal Trade Management

Learn from Peter Langner, Managing Director at ADventas Consulting GmbH and SAP Mentor, who is a true connector. Throughout his life, Peter has been inspired to solve the challenges faced by those around him. Peter has been able to address complex solutions for customers’ SAP S/4HANA migrations and create a Special Interest Group for SAP Global Trade Management.

About Peter Langner | Spotlight Interview

Tom Cenens - SAP S/4HANA & Scaling Data Models

Staying curious can add value to both a personal and professional journey. Learn about how Tom, co-owner and technical lead of Nessi Tech NV based in Belgium, appreciates the importance of leading by example and not settling for the status quo. He applies these standards in his own journey and in addressing a broad range of customer requirements including SAP S/4HANA, scaling data models, and virtual work environments.

About Tom Cenens | Spotlight Interview

Tomas Krozjl - SAP HANA Data Centric Architecture

Tomas Krojzl, an IBM Distinguished Engineer and SAP Mentor, made a major career bet on the SAP HANA database and combined it with other areas of interest. This decision has become a cornerstone of his success today. From Data Relocation Management to Multi-Cloud Infrastructure and Digital Center Readiness, learn about how Tomas has been at the forefront of addressing complex IT and business challenges.

About Tomas Krojzl | Spotlight Interview 

Alisdair Templeton | Ethan Jewett | Wouter Lemaire - SAP UI5

Alisdair Templeton, Ethan Jewett, and Wouter Lemaire join forces with Peter Muessig and Stefan Beck to discuss SAPUI5 and their journey in creating its advantageous elements. Learn more about the new web components, framework, upskilling, TypeScript, libraries, and adoption resources that change the way user interfaces are developed and handled.

Spotlight Interview & Video (Part 1)

Spotlight Interview & Video (Part 2)

Tammy Powlas - Learning

To reflect on how to take advantage of SAP and SAP Community learning resources, Max Wessel, EVP & Chief Learning Officer at SAP, caught up with Tammy Powlas, Senior Business Analyst at Fairfax Water and SAP Mentor, to discuss what role learning has played in her life, and how she has furthered her knowledge through the SAP Community.

About Tammy Powlas | Spotlight Interview & Video