SAP Technology Ambassadors

The SAP Technology Ambassadors were SAP employees in different positions: product managers, developers, architects, and consultants, all offering a variety of insights, the most up-to-date SAP knowledge, and rich perspectives of the SAP world and ecosystem. In April 2020, SAP Community retired the SAP Technology Ambassadors program and eligible SAP employees moved into the SAP Champions program.

Retired in April 2020, the SAP Technology Ambassadors program was open to an SAP employee who was a:

  • Go-to person with in-depth knowledge of his or her respective technology focus area
  • Expert able to clearly enrich/inform others in using SAP technology in variety of media and channels
  • Passionate advocate for his or her technology focus area

With the retirement of this program, eligible SAP Technology Ambassadors were given the opportunity to join the SAP Champions program. To this day, the SAP Community regularly invites SAP employees to join the SAP Champions, as this program has expanded to include all members who deliver value to our community -- anywhere and everywhere!