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Building hana-opensap-cloud-2020 Part 5: Cross Schema Access

Thomas Jung
August 20, 2020
We continue the series on the newly updated source code sample based upon the most recent HANA development openSAP course. This new sample includes the latest features from SAP HANA Cloud, SAP Cloud Application Programming Model, and SAPUI5.

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Rarely will you work only within the data model of your own application. Most applications will need to access data from other HDI containers or classic HANA Schemas. In this episode we will see the steps to access a Classic Schema. We will use SFLIGHT schema (available here: ) to simulate a classic ERP or S/4 schema. We will see the setup of the User Provided Service, how to create hdbgrants and finally creating synonyms to the foreign schema. We will also explorer the concept of structure privileges and how to extend those to be used by the container technical user as well.

0:00 Introduction

3:58 SFLIGHT Security Setup

9:28 Create User Provided Service

13:28 Extend mta.yaml with new resource

14:51 Add User Provided Service to default-env.json

17:38 Service Replacements concept

21:16 hdbgrants

26:04 Synonyms

27:40 Bringing SFLIGHT Tables into CDS

39:24 Structured Privileges

45:13 default_access_role.hdbrole

50:10 Closing

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