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Building hana-opensap-cloud-2020 Part 4: Transactional Tables

Thomas Jung
August 18, 2020
We continue the series on the newly updated source code sample based upon the most recent HANA development openSAP course. This new sample includes the latest features from SAP HANA Cloud, SAP Cloud Application Programming Model, and SAPUI5.

Previous Episode:

This week we will continue building the data model, focusing on the Transactional (Purchase Order Header and Items) portions. We will also see how to still leverage SQLDLL based artifacts (like hdbtable, hdbview, hdbconstraint, and hdbindex) alongside our CDS modeled entities.

0:00 Introduction

2:55 Purchase Order Header

8:32 Purchase Order Items

12:11 Annotations

16:02 Views

22:14 Build

24:54 Views that bridge Master Data and Transactional

30:25 Testing it all from DB Explorer

39:33 DB Constraints on CDS Entities

44:00 DB Modeling with SQLDDL artifacts

49:57 ClosingSHOW LESS

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