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Supply chain planning and roof windows (!) - a chat with Velux' Head of Planning Philip Melchiors

Tom Raftery
June 15, 2020

On this the 45th episode of the Digital Supply Chain podcast, I spoke with Philip Melchiors. Philip is Head of Global Planning at Velux. Velux is a family owned company with 14,000 employees, net revenue just under €3bn, headquartered in Denmark but with operations all over the world.I was curious to know how people being required to stay home impacted on their desire for home improvements, what impact that had for Velux' products, and how Velux responded.Philip and I had a fantastic conversation - especially when he got to the part where he recommended using spreadsheets for supply chain planning! I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation, and I think you will too - do let me know your thoughts, by dropping me a comment.Now we are in June, I am trialling a new feature on the podcast - listeners stories. If you have a cool supply chain story you'd like featured on the show, send it to me via email (tom.raftery @, or just send it to me as a direct message on Twitter/LinkedIn. Audio messages will get played (unless you specifically ask me not to).And if you want to know more about any of SAP's Digital Supply Chain solutions, head on over to and if you liked this show, please don't forget to rate and/or review it. It makes a big difference to help new people discover it. Thanks.And remember, stay healthy, stay safe, stay sane!

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