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Supply Chain, Industry 4.0, and IoT/Edge Computing - A Chat with Elvira Wallis

Tom Raftery
March 15, 2020

On this second Digital Supply Chain podcast on the theme of Industry 4.0, I had a great chat with Elvira Wallis (@ElviraWallis on Twitter and Elvira Wallis on LinkedIn). Elvira is the Global Head of IoT at SAP, so obviously I was keen to find out her take on how Digital Supply Chain, IoT and Industry 4.0 intersect. We had a great conversation covering Supply Chain, Internet of Things, Edge Computing, Cloud - their use cases, challenges and opportunities. Towards the end of the podcast I asked Elvira what links she would like people to be aware of and she replied: "Oh definitely join me on Twitter. Join me on LinkedIn. And of course, we have our flabbergastingly great web site And not to forget, we’re going to run an openSAP IoT course in the near future. And I would really appreciate you joining us in that openSAP course" A full transcript of our conversation is available on And if you want to know more about any of SAP's Digital Supply Chain solutions, head on over to and if you liked this show, please don't forget to rate and/or review it. It makes a big difference to help new people discover it. Thanks.

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