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Risk management in times of Covid - a chat with Linx-AS CEO Jeff Frye

Tom Raftery
October 2, 2020

This is one of those podcasts which took an unexpected turn - check it out to see why...For obvious reasons SAP is holding its annual Enterprise, Health, Safety, and Product Compliance event online this year - the good news is that this means you too can attend 😀 You no longer need to book days off, find an hotel, fly to the nearest airport, etc. You can now just register to attend, block the time in your calendar for the relevant talks, and get access to global experts in this area. Even better, I convinced another of the global experts who will be speaking at the event, Jeff Frye Founder and CEO of Linx-AS to come on the podcast to talk risk management in the age of Covid-19.

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Tom Raftery
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