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Industry 4.0 and Manufacturing - A Chat with Claudius Link

Tom Raftery
April 13, 2020

On this fifth Digital Supply Chain podcast on the theme of Industry 4.0, I had a great chat with Claudius Link. Claudius is the Head of Digital Manufacturing at SAP, so obviously I was keen to have Claudius come on the show to have a chat about the impact Industry 4.0 is having on manufacturing. We had a great conversation covering manufacturing and Industry 4.0 - and we dived deep into the use cases, challenges and opportunities for manufacturing organizations large and small. A full transcript of our conversation will shortly be available on And if you want to know more about any of SAP's Digital Supply Chain solutions, head on over to and if you liked this show, please don't forget to rate and/or review it. It makes a big difference to help new people discover it. Thanks.

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