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Coronavirus, Industry 4.0, and Manufacturing: Strategies for Success - A Chat with Mike Lackey

Tom Raftery
May 8, 2020

On this episode of the Digital Supply Chain podcast I wanted to talk once more to Mike Lackey. Mike is the Global Head of Solution Management for Digital Manufacturing at SAP. If Mike's name sounds familiar, it may be because he came on the show last October so we could have a chat about manufacturing, and how digital technologies are transforming it. Why did I want to talk with Mike again? Well, now that we are in the middle of the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic, I wanted to know how manufacturing organizations are faring, what strategies they're adopting to survive the current disruption, and what they will need to do to thrive in the future. We had a great chat, and I loved that Mike brought up the oft overlooked health and safety implications that coronavirus has for companies - listen for yourselves and let me know what you think. A full transcript of our conversation will be available on And if you want to know more about any of SAP's Digital Supply Chain solutions, head on over to and if you liked this show, please don't forget to rate and/or review it. It makes a big difference to help new people discover it. Thanks. And remember, stay healthy, stay safe, stay sane!

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