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How Asian Supply Chains have coped with the Coronavirus - a chat with Ash Pujari

Tom Raftery
May 4, 2020

Supply chains have been shocked with a perfect storm of trade wars, an oil price crash, and the coronavirus crisis - the last hit Asia first, then Europe, then the US and the other countries.To get a sense of how Asian supply chains were affected, and how they coped with these crises, I reached out to my colleague Ash Pujari - Ash is General Manager and Vice President IOT & Supply Chain APJ at SAP, and in that role he is in regular touch with supply chain professionals across the entire APJ region. Europe and the US are quite homogenous, whereas APJ is a very heterogeneous area, so I was keen even before Covid to have someone from there on the podcast. Now that we have this extra dimension, I think it made for a super interesting conversation. Let me know what you think.A full transcript of our conversation will soon be available on TomRaftery.comAnd if you want to know more about any of SAP's Digital Supply Chain solutions, head on over to and if you liked this show, please don't forget to rate and/or review it. It makes a big difference to help new people discover it. Thanks.And remember, stay healthy, stay safe, stay sane!

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