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Digital Supply Chain and Fleets - A Conversation with Colin Sutherland

Tom Raftery
February 3, 2020

My guest on this episode of the Digital Supply Chain podcast is Colin Sutherland, EVP Sales and Marketing for fleet tracking platform Geotab. Geotab invited me to give the closing keynote at their Geotab Connect 2020 event this year in San Diego. I took the opportunity to bring my recording equipment with me to talk to Colin about Geotab, what it does, how it is connected to Digital Supply Chains, and how Geotab can help companies become more sustainable. At the event Geotab launched their Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessment tool which is a tool that allows fleet managers to analyze their fleets of vehicles across dimensions like workloads, trip profiles, and so on to recommend which vehicles in the fleet can be best replaced by Electric Vehicles, so I was anxious to hear more about this from Colin. To kick off I asked Colin to introduce himself, which he did at 00:34Then at 00:51 I asked Colin how Geotab can help organizations’ supply chains. At 02:32 I asked Colin if people were averse to the solution because it is cloud-based, or was this an issue at allAt 03:20 I asked Colin how this can help companies with their sustainability initiatives. At 04:25 I brought up the newly announced EVSA and asked Colin to talk about that. Then at 06:20 I asked Colin what is the next thing Geotab is concentrating on. Finally at 07:38 I asked Colin where people can find out more about Geotab and Colin strongly recommended people check out their interesting and insightful blog.

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