SAP Stammtisch

An SAP Stammtisch is probably the most informal option for an SAP Community meeting. You can also call it a "regulars' table" or an ad-hoc meeting. It is an informal coming together to talk about SAP-related topics - that is what the SAP Stammtisch all have in common. Actually, meetings like that have been held all around the world for a long time. These usually happen in a smaller environment and are casual and unprepared. They can take place in a restaurant, pub, beer garden or any other meeting space. They can be started easily after work by

- SAP Community members living or working in the same region

- colleagues internally

- temporary project members

- or even better: a mix of all of these. :)

Find an SAP Stammtisch in your region:


  1. Do I need special permission to organize an SAP Stammtisch?
    No, everyone can start organizing an SAP Stammtisch.
  2. Is there an office required to organize an SAP Stammtisch?
    No, an SAP Stammtisch is very informal: no agenda or preparation needed. It’s meeting in a pub or other casual location, just a coming-together after work. When it is in the public in a pub, it is easy for everybody to show up.
  3. Are there event-related badges for SAP Stammtisch?
    Yes, we do award an annual SAP Stammtisch badge for organizers.
  4. Does this event require any twitter account or domain?
    Using #SAPStammtisch makes it easy to generate awareness for the #SAPStammtisch. Using #SAPStammtischXXX (XXX for the city, e.g. #SAPStammtischMD for Magdeburg) is even better to raise the awareness for this special event.
  5. Is there any default language to use, e.g. only English or only the local language?
    No. Please adapt the language to the people attending.
  6. SAP Stammtisch, SAP Stammtisch plus – which format should I use?
    If it is an informal meeting talking about SAP topics, you can use SAP Stammtisch. If you are planning to have some sessions in an office/room with a beamer or whiteboard as well, it could be an SAP Stammtisch PLUS, an SAP TechNight, or a meet-up.

How to start

So, how do I get involved in an SAP Stammtisch?


  • Start a new SAP Stammtisch:

    • Find a date
    • Find a cozy place
    • Meet with peeps

An SAP Stammtisch is often the product of having a regular exchange with your existing community. It is also possible to extend your local community by getting new people on board. By joining an existing SAP Stammtisch, you can find like-minded people, connect with them, and share thoughts about current topics. Having a diverse group from different topic areas or different level of experience makes these meetups special and spontaneous. You might be able to widen your horizon - at least you can widen the horizon of others.

Participants can exchange about their experience and take-aways from SAP events like SAP trainings, SAP TechEd, and webinars, as well as SAP-Community-driven events like SAP Inside Tracks, ABAP Code Retreats, and SAP Code Jams. Hear about upcoming events,and get motivated to participate in or to present at such an event. Bring your questions about all this to an SAP Stammtisch and find answers.