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SAP TechEd in 2021

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In preparation for SAP TechEd, we invite you to join us for Devtoberfest. A celebration of and for developers, the program offers weekly tech talks, self-paced learning materials, coding challenges, special activities, and more. Join us live on YouTube!

Program for the week of Oct. 18-22:

Oct 19: Microservices are probably not what you think they are

Oct 21: Pour some serverless on me

Oct 22: Attitude of Iteration

Fun Activity: Scavenger Hunt

The Game: earn points and win prizes

Learn more about Devtoberfest and what’s in store for you in the next few weeks here.

While we can't predict the exact job market of the future, we know if we want to remain relevant in this ever-changing world of tech, we need a variety of 21st-century skills. Ideally, these are a combination of hard and soft skills. Learning to learn may seem incredibly broad, generic advice and to some it can even seem overwhelming, however, it can be a constant in your career journey.

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Free Access to Select SAP Software
Thriving in the New Normal
Learn effective ways to work remotely and manage your well-being.

Digital Learning
Offering innovative, interactive educational content consolidated through openSAP.

On-Demand Training
The Remote Readiness and Productivity Academy provides learning paths to establish best practices in remote work.
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Shop the SAP Community Online Store!

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